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Welcome to our online registration system!

Week 5 is closed!

The registration process is very straight forward but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: or Andy Ward 480 310 3554

  • There is a credit card processing fee of around 4% of the total amount of the program you select. If you are paying only the deposit, the full processing fee is added to the deposit amount. When you enter the system again to pay the balance, you WILL NOT be charged another processing fee. The English Soccer Experience does not make money off the processing fees. You can avoid the registration fees by registering by mail:

  • The information that we collect is kept in strict confidence. The English Soccer Experience will use your email and or cell phone only when we need to communicate important camp information to you.

  • This year, if you choose the pay the deposit only, the balance will automatically be charged to your account 30 days out from the start of camp so you do not have to worry about forgetting the deadline or logging back in.

  • As soon as you register you will receice an email confirmation. We receive the same confirmation at the same time so are aware that you registered.

  • For Detailed Account Setup & Registration Guide - Click HERE

To register and make a payment the steps are as follows:

  1. Click the Log in and Register button above 

  2. Click the Create An Account button (bottom of the page) and enter the Primary Adult (Account Owner information) and save.

  3. Click the Register Now button 

  4. On the Right hand side - Click Add Child (For each child, and add all children to the account family) 

  5. Then you can choose a child to register.

  6. If registering more than one child, do not check out until all registrations are in the shopping cart.  To be eligible for the Multi-Registration Discount all registrations must be on the same order.

  7. If you pay the deposit please remember your account login details. WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PASSWORD. You will need these details if you need to go back into your account and update anything.